What's a Grow-nanny?

Solar Powered Wireless Nannies

'Wait', it uses Solar panels indoors?

 Yes that's right!

Our solar Nannies work under grow lights or outside. 

Rugged waterproof design, a range over 2 miles in some cases

 and no wires.  


Up to 4 sensors of your choice with each Grow Nanny


-Temperature  (air, soil and water) 

-Humidity and Soil Moisture

- Magnetic Water Flow Sensors

- PH (soil or hydroponic)

-Total Dissolved Solids

- HD Video

Premium members enjoy:

-Electricity consumption predictions 

-Manage multiple sites from one app

-Predict PH swings

-Predict  irrigation schedules

-Heating and cooling coefficients

-3D point cloud mapping

-Full access to Grow-Data, a visual graphing utility

Use what you've got, Better

Plug in your equipment to our power strips and control your grow room automatically. No more timers and headaches. Event controlled agriculture is the way of the future and its here today.

FLIR and LIDAR Technologies

  Now introducing Thermal imaging with FLIR and LIDAR. Together they give accurate growth rates and local Vapor Pressure Deficit 

Artificial intelligence

All the precious data from your grow is uploaded securely to the cloud. Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence is used to map trends. Data from farms worldwide is used to increase your yields while using less resources.

What is a Grow-Nanny?


One Nanny package

Our most popular package includes one Nanny with a temperature, humidity, soil moisture and PH probe.  Once a connection is made just login to your account and go to your dashboard to view grow-data in real time.

Unlimited Scalability

Link unlimited Grow Nannies to your account. 

Link power strips to connect more equipment.

Placement is key

Our systems are built to order because no two grow spaces are exactly alike. Outdoor farmers could choose to mount a Nanny on a utility pole. Indoor growers may choose a ceiling mount. In any case its up to the grower. Grow-Nanny provides mounting solutions for almost all situations.

What do you offer?

We provide growers with:

Wireless Sensors

Remote operated power strips

Advanced Software

Premium features

What makes Grow-Nanny special?

We are purpose driven. We strive to save farmers money while increasing yields. We want people world-wide to have access to healthy food. We are bringing the best of tech into the hands of many at an affordable price.