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Commercial indoor growers know harmony between multiple systems can be a challenge to maintain. Our automated grow systems interface with your existing infrastructure to provide greater control and flexibility over your grow facilities. This farming service exists to boost profits and reduce resource consumption.

Indoor farmers are notorious for wasting large amounts of usable light outside the grow area. A consequential side affect from lighting a large area uniformly. Our wireless sensors use solar panels to collect some of this light to reduce infrastructural costs, provide accurate real time data and use events instead of timers to trigger systems.   

120 volt power strips are controlled by the app.  220 volt relay controllers add remote operation of industrial grade Equipment.  Software APIs (application interpreters) are used to interface with existing programmable thermostats. Electricity consumption is monitored per device. Notifications and predictions are delivered via text or email.  Master your grow space by making decisions based on accurate and abundant data or let the app make the decisions for you. 

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The old adage is true, "We are a product of our environment." At Grow-Nanny we strive to provide the perfect atmosphere for your crop so the only thing holding back your yield is genetics.

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